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Enterprise Backup

Kacific Enterprise Internet Backup can help, by providing a secondary high-speed internet connection via a small satellite dish. This very affordable on-demand, hot-backup package allows organisations, factories, and enterprise branches to quickly and automatically recover. They will be able to continue with normal activities, even if their primary internet access is compromised.

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High-speed internet on-demand with powerful broadband satellite service

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Can be deployed anywhere in city, suburban or rural branches


No hidden costs; works like an insurance policy on your connectivity


Built into your existing solution

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75cm or 1.2m satellite dish

  • Speeds advertised are maximum shared speeds. Unlimited plans are subject to Fair Usage Policy (refer to the link for FUP)   

  • Your service will continue at lower speeds even after you have used up your priority data allowance.

  • Terminal installation and transportation cost is excluded and subject to delivery to a specific area.

  • All published rates are VAT/GST inclusive. Rates may change with prior notice due to changes in exchange rate.

  • The terminal fee includes a 1.2m antenna, a 2010 or 2510 modem and a 2W or 3W transceiver depending on the type of terminal ordered.

Terms & Conditions

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