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Affordable, flexible broadband for everyone

Designed for businesses, universities, hotels and government agencies, GigWiFi allows you to enjoy high-quality broadband and unlimited data for less, while creating a connected workplace for individuals.


Connect up to 7 users with a Gigstarter plan and sell ‘WiFi data vouchers’ so other nearby businesses or individuals can pay to access high-speed internet from the same site.



Your own WiFi Access Point: a wireless router with a built-in voucher billing system


24/7 online server access for WiFi voucher

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  • Speeds advertised are maximum shared speeds. Unlimited plans are subject to Fair Usage Policy (refer to the link for FUP)   

  • Your service will continue at lower speeds even after you have used up your priority data allowance.

  • Terminal installation and transportation cost is excluded and subject to delivery to a specific area.

  • All published rates are VAT/GST inclusive. Rates may change with prior notice due to changes in exchange rate.

  • The terminal fee includes a 1.2m antenna, a 2010 or 2510 modem and a 2W or 3W transceiver depending on the type of terminal ordered.

Terms & Conditions


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